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Wireless Internet Access

Our service includes :

- Up to 24Mbps broadband
- Quick installation, most connections up within 3 working days
- No telephone line required
- Free Wi-fi enabled router
- Free web site hosting (500MB Disk Space)
- Free email with webmail
- Guaranteed faster broadband than Eircom

Price List
Feature Home Basic Plan Home Value Plan Home Pro Plan Home Enterprise Plan
Suitable for Basic Home Use 1 to 2 Users in the home 2 to 3 Users in the home. inc Gaming Multiple Users with Gaming
Payment Method Lasercard
Credit Card
Credit Card
Credit Card
Credit Card
Payment Options 4 Months
6 Months
Phone line required NO NO NO NO
Download Speed Up to 5 Mb Up to 10 Mb Up to 15 Mb Up to 25 Mb
Upload Speed Up to 512Kbps Up to 768Kbps Up to 1 Mb Up to 2 Mb
IP Addresses 1 Fixed 1 Fixed 1 Fixed 1 Fixed
Webspace 500MB 500MB 500MB 500MB
Usage Limit 50GB 150GB Unlimited Unlimited
Email Address Up to 10 Up to 10 Up to 10 Up to 10
Wireless Router Free! Free! Free! Free!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Yes
Installation Charge €54.95 incl VAT €49.95 incl VAT €39.95 incl VAT €29.95 incl VAT
Monthly €24.95 incl VAT €29.95 incl VAT €39.95 incl VAT €49.95 incl VAT
or Yearly Contract €274.45 incl VAT
Get 1 Month Free
€329.45 incl VAT
Get 1 Month Free
€439.45 incl VAT
Get 1 Month Free
€549.45 incl VAT
Get 1 Month Free

Terms of service

- No fixed term contract however if you cancel your service within 6 Month you must a fee of €60 to have our equipement uninstalled and collected

- Please note that some areas my incur additional setup charges depending on distances from our masts

- Installation time is 2 working days from the date we receive payment.

6 reasons to choose Web World

1) You do not require a phone-line - we provide our service via a small antenna that is placed on your roof.

2) No self install - we send an engineer to your home to install the equipment and setup your service. We also include a wireless router which we setup and install for you in your house.

3) There is no fixed term contracts - See terms of service conditions apply

4) Quick Install Time - we can have you up and running within 2 to 3 working days.

5) Fixed IP Address - As standard we use fixed IP addresses so you can log onto your computer and/or cameras when your out

6) Flexible Plans - However small or unusual your requirements we can quote you with custom broadband plans with Point to Point wireless links up to 10km that can be tailored to your requirements

We are expanding our broadband network accross South Dublin. If you would like faster broadband coverage in your area please contact us today. sales@webworld.ie


www.gfile.us Transfer files. No email address needed. No Links. Just the file and a password you make up.Many thanks to Web World for their amazing job hosting our servers :) Super fast 24/7.
Flo Web Design
Flo Web Design Ltd has been working with Web World since 2001. Most of our customer?s sites are hosted on their server. We are very satisfied with the service offered, the servers performance is very good, the technical support team is friendly and helpful. Having worked with other hosts in the past I would regard Web World as an excellent choice for hosting in Ireland. - Olivier Florence

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